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It is thrilling for parents to see their baby's first smile, first grab, first roll over, first step, and first heart-melting "mama" and "papa". Since babies are not identical, they may develop at different rates. Thus, the milestone chart is created as a guide for those parents who have doubts about their babies' development. You can use these guidelines to observe age-appropriate activities for your baby, but remember that the milestones are created based on most babies' achievements; a healthy child may achieve a milestone later than average. The chart is meant as a guide, not as a source of concern.

Milestone Chart of Baby's Development

1st month

  • Lifts head when lying on tummy

  • Moves head from from side to side

  • Responds to loud sounds

2nd month

  • Tracks objects with eyes

  • Repeats vowel sounds, such as "ah" and "ooh"

3rd month

  • Lifts head up to 45°

  • Raises head and chest when put on tummy

  • Develops social smile

4th month

  • Lifts head up to 90°

  • Sits with support

  • Rolls over (from tummy to back)

  • Bears weight on both legs

5th month

  • Begins teething process

6th month

  • Makes two-syllable sounds

  • Reaches and grabs objects

  • Sits by self with minimal support

  • Rolls over (from back to tummy and from tummy to back)

7th month

  • Imitates many sounds

  • Can self-feed some finger foods

  • Sits without support

8th month

  • Chews on objects

  • Says "mama" and "papa" (isn't specific)

  • Starts crawling

  • Responds to own name

9th month

  • Raises from tummy to sit

  • Stands while holding onto something

  • Understands object permanence

10th month

  • Picks things with pincer grasp

  • Crawls well (with tummy off the ground)

  • Pulls to stand up from sitting

11th month

  • Claps hands

  • Waves "goodbye"

  • Stands alone for a few seconds

  • Says "mama" and "papa" to correct parent

  • Understands "no"

12th month

  • Shakes head "no"

  • May understand some simple commands

  • Walks with help

13th month

  • Says 2 words (e.g.: hi and bye)

  • Stands well

14th month

  • Eats with fingers

  • Takes a few steps unassisted

15th month

  • Likes to look at books and turns pages

  • Walks well

  • Climbs stairs

16th month

  • Gets upset when frustrated

17th month

  • Responds to simple commands

18th month

  • Says at least 15 to 20 words

  • Drinks from cup

  • Feeds self with spoon

19th month

  • Uses spoon and fork

  • Runs well

20th month

  • Takes off own clothes without help

21st month

  • Walks up stairs with assistance

  • Starts to learn up to 5 words or more per day

22nd month

  • Starts to learn up to 10 words or more per day

  • Follows two-step commands (e.g.: get your doll and bring it here)

  • Shows good signs of bladder control

23rd month

  • Uses 50-70 words

  • Names simple pictures in a book

  • Walks down stairs with assistance

24th month

  • Puts on and takes off own clothes without help

  • Half of speech is understandable

  • Makes 3-to-4-words sentences

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